The Wine…


Basket Range Wine

Producing small batches of varietals and blends from grapes grown on their stunning Basket Range vineyard - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Pinot Noir.  Most vintages they go 'off-estate' in search of white grapes, sometimes Chardonnay or Riesling, but in 2015 it was the glorious Semillon grape, Adelaide-Hills grown.


BK Wines

BK Wines was established in 2007 by Brendon and Kirstyn Keys. The goal has been to create fabulous art. Beautiful, unique, sensuous, deceptively minimalist, envelope-pushing art. After learning from masters in NZ, Argentina and California, they trained their sites on the Adelaide Hills because it’s just a cracking great place to live and make wine. With no pretentions to be somewhere it’s not and few preconceived notions about what wine styles to expect, this is a place where non-conformity is the rule.



Borachio - A skin for holding wine, commonly a goat's; also a nick name for a drunkard. Job redundancies make you want to make wine. But quitting city life and giving the 9-5 the middle finger altogether does wonders. Mark and Alicia started Borachio after landing in the Adelaide Hills, working with wine makers who shared their interests. Their unadulterated wines are wild and free, but hands on and focused.


Charlotte Dalton

“I think wine can be felt. I get so much joy making the Charlotte Dalton wines that surely, you will feel joy when you drink them. I firmly believe that a wine must be made with a happy heart and a content soul.  And that is, simply, why I make the Charlotte Dalton Wines; to bring me joy, happiness and contentedness and to share and hopefully pass those feelings on to you through the wines.”


Commune of Buttons

Siblings Jasper and Sophie Button returned home a few years ago to help grow their family vineyard, planted primarily to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay 20 years ago by their mother. They began restoring the site and transitioning to organic and biodynamic principles, and at some point, decided that rather than sell off their prized grapes to others, they’d turn their hand to wine making. A few vintages in, the results have been fabulous. The wines are made very naturally with only minimal sulphur additions and slow, gentle ferments.



CRFT Wines express the place where it started and the uniqueness that comes from individual sites. Each wine is made from grapes picked from a single vineyard and every bottle becomes an honest reflection of that one specific location, an untarnished sample of soil and season. The wine making philosophy is simple: preserve what the vineyard grew and create balance and harmony, leaving a minimal winemaking footprint.

Founded in 2012, CRFT is the culmination of a long-held dream between winemakers Candice Helbig and Frewin Ries.


Gentle Folk Wines

A love of wine, food and growing things eventually led Gareth and Rainbo away from a vastly different background involving scuba gear and seaweed. Their winery is situated in the Basket Range of the Adelaide Hills where they try to intervene as little as possible in the growing and making of their wines. They farm a number of small parcels in Basket Range, Forest Range and Ashton. They don’t like to define their styles or wine making techniques, they just make wine in the way they feel is right for the grapes and season and most importantly, with maximum drinkability and enjoyment in mind.



Known primarily for their wines from the Barossa and Eden Valley, in 1981 Stephen and Prue Henschke purchased a property in the Adelaide Hills region, selecting a site in Lenswood covered in apple, cherry and pear trees, with beautiful steep slopes and stunning views toward the older vine country. The future vineyard, 15km north-east of Mount Lofty (700m), was positioned right at the top end of a long, picturesque valley of apple orchards and natural forests at an altitude of 550m, with an annual rainfall of 1134mm. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon were planted over the 13ha property. Each of these varieties has achieved excellence and these are the Henschke wines that feature at the Festival at Basket Range.



Wild, creative, expressive, living wines.


Little Things Du Vin

Little wine producer in the Adelaide Hills loving life in an amazing community. Making exuberant living wines and learning about vineyards and all things.


Lucy Margaux

“Our Lucy Margaux Vineyard is farmed using biodynamics: a decade’s old proven method of maximizing the vines’ potential while caring for the Earth. Our little winery has many labels from our own and other small pockets of vineyard land that surround our Basket Range estate. All our wines are made ‘naturally’ without and additions until their bottling, when we add minimal sulphur. With the care and love we put into every little ferment even Pinot Noir the most elusive of grape varieties makes intense, individualistic wines of superior quality.”



Both born in East coast coastal towns, Tim in Newcastle, NSW Australia and Monique in Gisborne, New Zealand. Their feet now planted together in the hills of Adelaide on a small magical ridge called Forest Range sitting at 550 metres above the sea. The land and in the cellar, see very minimal machinery, with Tim and Monique choosing instead to use time honored manual techniques. Grapes are picked in small selections by hand and make their way a few meters to the cellar where the fermentation journey begins. Life in the cellar is slow and undisturbed with no additions being made.



Ngeringa’s three small vineyards are located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia, a region reputed for producing some of Australia’s most elegant cool climate wines. Winemaker, Erinn Klein and co-founder, Janet Klein create Ngeringa wines in soil that has been nurtured with great care. Originally part of the world-renowned Jurlique herb farm, this land has been certified biodynamic for more than 20 years. Ngeringa is one of Australia’s original biodynamic winegrowing pioneers.


Ochota Barrels

The Ochota Barrels tale began on a surf trip, late 2000 along the Mexican west coast in a Volkswagen campervan. A final destination after traveling some of the world’s most amazing wine and surf regions, Taras and Amber Ochota conceived the idea to make beautiful holistic wines back home in South Australia. They are strongly drawn to and influenced by the small biodynamic producers they came across in the south of France: organically farmed vineyards planted to earth that is alive, lo-fi technique and picking decisions made purely on natural acidity which hopefully contribute to a wine’s energy and nervous tension.


The Other Right

“We are husband & wife duo.  Dreaming and teaming in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. We love making things. Some useful things, some nice things, mostly tasty things. It gets nice when we can ferment them things. Our approach is a seemingly lazy one. Wine making operations are kept to the reasonable minimum. No unnecessary action is taken. Using fewer tools and hardly any machines requires a lot of attention to detail, patience, creativity and problem solving. No additives are being used, letting the wine evolve slowly, according to its natural rhythm. Youth and freshness are to shine through, forming wine that is wild, vigorous and full of life.”


Whisson Lake

“Whisson Lake is a five-hectare Pinot Noir vineyard in the Piccadilly Valley of the Adelaide Hills. We are a terroir-focused winery and believe fundamentally that where you are is who you are. For a vineyard to produce superlative wines, the grape variety must be chosen with care to match the site. Our site, we believe, is a world-class position for Pinot Noir and that is all we produce. We respect the integrity of our site and our grapes and produce wines that are a pure reflection of our terroir.”

The Food…


A harvest feast of local produce by chef Shannon Fleming & team.

The Music…


• Aidan Jazzy Jones

• David Blumberg & the Maraby Band

• Barbara Ganoush

• Goyders Line

• Abby Howlett

• Junior Bowles

• Naomi Keyte

• Queen Porter Stomp

• Techno Hobo

• The Leroys

• Uraidla Town Band